This is in connection with the launch of my latest book- a collection of poems titled They Were My Heroes. You can get all details and also check out the latest offers, promotions and giveaways by heading to my website Knitted by verses indulged with tempo, They Were My Heroes is a pre-eminent contribution … Continue reading NEW BOOK LAUNCH

Another New Year’s Day

I rush through the morning without inching a glanceTowards the cacophony that the clock creates.The hands tick on in an inflated silence thatOnly my past can understand right then and there.History is too troublesome, harried and beyondCapacity to concern me; at times it feels profaneAnd unnecessary too. Another year lies ahead of meIn an exaggeration … Continue reading Another New Year’s Day

A Document on Parity, Christmas Day 2022

Christmas Day, 2022Hyderabad Intemperate winds have played with your tresses,Fondled your neck, kissed your face,Mourned the lack of redressal at all abscesses,Solicited the void of warmth in space, Examined the ache that my absence brings,Wondered at what causes such hurt,Laughed at the misery of foolish things,Questioned the parity of flinging dirt, Spoken of the dew … Continue reading A Document on Parity, Christmas Day 2022

Autumn in Hyderabad

The fall has begun; the withering of the last leavesDesiring the friendlier cages of love unmatched.I walk past the doors of the monsoon closing in onMy debt-ridden past. I am invited in but politelyDecline the offer. No devil drawing the dotted lineCan change my mind nor can the upright tanglesOf Time know better. Bathukamma, Dussehra, … Continue reading Autumn in Hyderabad


In the tabloids the other day,I saw you in an unconventional way."Cine star lands role in Hollywood," it said.I tried to turn a blind eyeAnd emit not an untimely sigh.The mere thought filled me with dread! Long convinced that I was freeFrom such painful mediocrity,I tried to read it word-by-wordBut got a shock instead.So much … Continue reading UNWARRANTED, GRATEFUL, THANKFUL